First Night Pics 


 8th June 2006 at Tudhoe Victory Club

Are they really identical twins?

Let's get this show on the road

Robin's new backing group - The Young Once - they have now been together for almost three minutes

Mike wondering - Why Me?

Geoff doing his John Denver impression 

Chairman of the Judges Jim gives the Thumbs Up

While Stu signs a new recording contract

First time on stage for many years - 

Kenny may start gently

But when he rocks - HE ROCKS!!

Jim never felt more like Singing the Blues

with Colin on Lead Guitar, Mike on drums ....

.......and Stu on Bass

Neil plays the Blues

with Steve on Sax 

and Kenny on guitar - Stu on bass

and Mike on drums 

looking as though he is having a great time

Stu, Geoff, Alan, Mike and Ken 

giving it some welly

I Can't remember giving a break-dance demo