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      Alan White's own web site Stan Laundon's Site

This website contains a personal collection of photographs and memorabilia which I would like to share with you and dedicate to the many country music enthusiasts that followed my "Country Time" programme on BBC Radio Cleveland for 21 years.

Site created by Alastair Duncan and John Fisher as a tribute to the many great bands playing in Cumbria in the 60's.  

Old Wild Men is dedicated to the unsung heroes of rock & roll. The purpose of the website is to capture and display the images and stories of amateur and semi-pro bands, groups and combos from the 1960's and 1970's.


Dedicated to all the groups and people who were part of the West Midlands music scene in the 1960s.

Here you can find info on any band, singer, duo, trio, agent, pub or club in fact anything to do with the music scene in the North - East of England

  Official Web Site
  Albert Lee Site



Classic Northern Soul Band based in Cumbria

This site is dedicated to The Peddlers - three of the finest musicians to emerge from the 1960's.

The Rock 'n' Roll Children's Charity
Founded by the Original Merseybeat Bands of the Sixties

Thumbs Carllile CDs

Tune in here for everything you ever wanted to know about Radio London – 'Big L'!
The station, the ship, the RSLs, the scrapbook and the mini-memories!
 PPPaddy MacDee on Radio Newcastle
BBC Radio Newcastle
Pete Bradley's 

Roll Back The Years

devoted to bands and pop groups of the past who never quite made the big time


Loads of details on Sixties Groups from the Kent area on this large site

Robb Huxley
ex-Joe Meek Recording Artist
                         Website on the New Tornados

 Meet Hank Marvin and the Shadows

Excellent Danish site (also in English)

Loads of Info on the Sixties irish showbands  


Fumble - the most famous Rock'n'Roll band that's never really made it!

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