Whilst the Band changed over the years adding a brass line up my memory is at best sketchy but I will update as and when my brain cells start to work.
We were around at same time as Kellawe five,Dominoes etc and we were a SELMER BAND.
Lead Guitar Selmer Crocodile skin Zodiac twin fifty Amp
with Salmon pink FENDER STRAT
and of course the obligatory Watkins copicat.
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Lead Guitar: TONY DEERE
Rhythm Guitar: COLIN LAWSON
Bass Guitar Rob Hull
Drums : Des.................
Rhythm Guitar; Kay Guitar with Selmer Zodiac thirty Amp

Bass Guitar; Gibson EBO Bass
Selmer Goliath Amp. (18 inch)

PA : Selmer 100wt amp
2x4x12 Selmer Speakers
Vox Long tom Tape echo
Reslo Mikes

As we developed we had two vans one for the gear and on with windows minibus style for the guys. Both vans were painted Orange and Black (DOWN THE MIDDLE ONE SIDE ORANGE ONE SIDE BLACK) The band was named after the American Colorado Beetle which was black/Orange,
We had an illuminated sign on the front of the van.
We played most of the chart stuff of the time hollies mersybeats shadows rockin Berries, Ivy League etc
and later turned more to commitments style with brass also james brown temptations etc.
The Colorados - 60,s Band from Newton Aycliffe - Info kindly supplied by Tony Deere
..... AND 53 YEARS ON