Support from the Stars

Since Vintage Sixties Live began in June 2006 we have received messages of support from some of the biggest names in show business, many of whom, just happen to be our heroes.


Vic Flick

Hi Alan

Thanks for your E-mail and thanks for introducing me to your Web Site.  There is a bond between the musicians who were playing during the 60s and after.  It was a very special time and one that can never be recaptured - although some have tried.  Sadly I have been learning of the passing of some of my fellow music makers that underlines how long ago all that wonderful music was made.  However, I can still call friends from that era and talk as if time had stood still.
I was fortunate to have worked with many artists during that period, many who rose to stardom and some who fell by the way side but with them all, there was a wonderful sense of camaraderie and no one had any idea that our music would still be heard all over the world to this day.

Very best wishes, and keep up the good work.



Jet Harris

Hi Folks,
Just to say keep up the good work. Best wishes to all.
Keep Rockin’


Bruce Welch

Hello Guys,
I guess if this was a Vintage Fifties site Hank and I would qualify and would have signed in earlier.As The Railroaders we skiffled our way around Newcastle and surrounding villages during 1957/early 1958 and then headed for London.Keep up the good work,we still have many happy memories of the old days!

Frank Allen

Hi there,

I am Frank Allen (bass player and frontman with the Searchers) and I just want to say (on behalf of John McNally and the other Searchers too)what a great site you have and wish you all the best in bringing together people who like our kind of music. It seems I`m in good compny.

All the best

Frank Allen

Ray Ennis - Swinging Blue Jeans

Hi Ray Ennis here
Congratulations on a great site. It’s good to see the interest in our era is so strong. On behalf of the Swinging Blue Jeans best wishes.

  Albert Lee

Hi Albert here, Like the site. Looking forward to being back in the north east on 1st March.

Thumbs Carlisle

I was so pleased that you liked the DVD that Eric has on Thumb’s site....your web site is most interesting, and I wish I were able go to one of the 60’s gigs and listen to some great stuff...give Albert Lee my regards

good wishes
Virginia Carllile

Pete Barron

Hello to everyone who contributes to, or hits on this web-site.
The 1960.s was a great time to be cutting your musical teeth.
I had that good fortune, and although I was often just a nameless player with some well known performers, I have had the privilege to play alongside and accompany some of the greatest musicians in the world.
None have been greater than the band I have played with for the last twenty years. They are HOGAN’S HEROES, fronted by my good friend, and in my view, the greatest guitar player that ever walked this earth.

Look out for him.

His name is ALBERT LEE.


The Zimmers

What a wonderful website. We are glad to see that you youngsters are kicking back and enjoying yourself still! When we were your age we were starting to settle into a rut of thinking we were getting old. Don’t make the same mistakes we did!

We also love your wonderful DO YOU QUALIFY section. Although ours would be ’have you seen two world wars?’ and ’Did you see the paper the morning the Titanic Sunk!’

Ok we may not all be that old! But we’re working on it.

Keep up the wonderful work and loved the press cuttings. Wasn’t it nice when bands could be called nice things like the corsairs.

We’ll have to work harder now we know that you youngsters are coming up and trying to take our throne. We’ll certainly be back for another look soon!

all our love


   Alan White - Yes


Received 20 May 2006 from Alan White - originally part of the Downbeats at the age of 13, later to perform with John Lennon, George Harrison,Eric clapton, Rick Wakeman - even the Ventures - and that is just a few of them - the complete list reads like a Who’s Who of popular music.

Great speaking with you today Alan! This new venture sounds like a great opportunity to bring local musicians together and give the community access to their music and talent. I wish you all the best for this project and hope when I’m passing through the area I’ll be able to sit in and join you one of these days. (I’ll have to plan ahead and time my visit so I’m there for the second Thursday of the month, sounds like fun) Let me know when you get the events underway. You’re more than welcome to use any images from my past that are available.

All the best,



Euan Rose - Cheetahs

Drummer in the Cheetahs in the 1960’s. Played alongside every big name there was at the time including the Beatles. Bruce Johnson of the Beach Boys said of the Cheetahs ’You sound like Hermans Hermits ought to sound.
Nowadays I write plays and musicals for a living but am proud to have been a Rock pioneer. They were indeed the best days of my life

Euan Rose

  Jess Conrad 

Great to hear from you,great letter offer still stands!!!
and there’s still plenty of birds about!
My fans still fall for me, mainly because they are too old to stand up!

Have a look at my website


This is the offer to Alan Leightell that Jess refers to:

Pete Langford - Barron Knights

To Alan & Alan great to see you both again at our show in the Gala Theatre Duham, wishing you good look with Vintage Sixties Live, I hope it’s a fantastic success
Pete Langford – The Barron Knights.